LOTUS requires Python 3.7.*

This code uses Theano as backend tool to realize MCMC sampling via PyMC3 but Theano has been deprecated after version 1.0.5 and has been transferred into Aesara for PyMC3>=3.10.0. In our future version, we will update this code with up-to-date PyMC3 but now we choose to use previous version, which need to freeze python==3.7. Therefore before installing this code, it is recommended that create an independent environment via anaconda:

conda create -n lotus python=3.7

and activate it:

conda activate lotus

Using Pip#

The recommended method of installing LOTUS is with pip:

python -m pip install lotus-nlte==0.1.1

From Source#

LOTUS can be downloaded and installed from GitHub source code by running:

git clone
python -m pip install -e .

The following dependencies are required to install it successfully:

The rest will be installed as well but are used for future more ways of interpolation:

You can install them by:

python -m pip install "lotus-nlte[advanced-interp]"